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Positions Available in Korea


  • Responsible for developing, drafting, writing and editing reports, briefs, proposals, and other documents in support of a client’s requirements.

  • Interfaces with personnel to coordinate meetings, maintain logs, records and files, provides end-user support, and performs general administrative duties.

  • Assists in budgetary, billing, and financial management. 

  • Responsible for preparing and/or maintaining systems, programming and operations documentation, procedures and methods, including user reference manuals. 



Help Desk Technician

  • Qualifications: 1 year or more experience in Helpdesk area or minimum of AS degree in Information Technology; Provide customer support services to customers including installing, configuring, upgrading, implementing backups and troubleshooting any hardware and software.



Modeling and Simulation Specialist

  • Specialist in modeling and simulation functions or operations such as, but not limited to exercises, plans, coordination, demonstrations, and instruction in the fields such as, but not limited to health, environmental, transportation, law enforcement, and security for military, and civil agencies. 

  • Supports live, constructive, or virtual training.



Network Specialist

  • Provides technical guidance for directing and monitoring information systems operations. Designs, builds, and implements network systems. 

  • Directs compilation of records and reports concerning network operations and maintenance.  Troubleshoots network performance issues.  Analyzes network traffic and provides capacity planning solutions. 

  • Monitors and responds to complex technical control facility hardware and software problems. Interfaces with vendor support service groups to ensure proper escalation during outages or periods of degraded system performance.

  • Manages the purchase, testing, installation, and support of network communications, including LAN/MAN/WAN systems.

  • Performs system-level design and configuration of products including determination of hardware, OS, and other platform specifications.

  • Plans large-scale systems projects through vendor comparison and cost studies.

  • Performs a variety of systems engineering tasks and activities that are broad in nature and are concerned with major systems design, integration, and implementation, including personnel, hardware, software, budgetary, and support facilities and/or equipment.

  • Provides quality assurance review and the evaluation of new and existing software products.

  • Provides assistance and oversight for all information systems operations activities, including computer and telecommunications/communications operations, data entry, data control, LAN/MAN/WAN administration and operations support, operating systems programming, system security policy procedures, and/or web strategy and operations. 

  • Provides input to policy level discussions regarding standards and budget constraints. 

  • Supervises all personnel engaged in the operation and support of network facilities, including all communications equipment on various platforms in large scale or multi-shift operations. 

  • Supervises complex operations that involve two or more additional functions such as, but not limited to, network operations, systems security, systems software support, and production support activities.

  • Monitors and responds to hardware, software, and network problems.

  • Provides the routine testing and analysis of all elements of the network facilities (including power, software, communications machinery, lines, modems, and terminals).

  • Utilizes software and hardware tools and identifies and diagnoses complex problems and factors affecting network performance.

  • Troubleshoots network systems when necessary and makes improvements to the network



PC Maintenance Technician

  • Qualifications: 1 year or more experience in PC Maintenance area or minimum of AS degree in Information Technology; Provide customer support services to customers including installing, configuring, upgrading, implementing backups and troubleshooting any hardware and software.



Program Manager

  • Organizes, directs, and manages contract operation support functions, involving multiple, complex and inter-related project tasks.

  • Manages teams of contract support personnel at multiple locations.

  • Maintains and manages the client interface at the senior levels of the client organization.

  • Meets with customer and contractor personnel to formulate and review task plans and deliverable items. Ensures conformance with program task schedules and costs.



Systems Engineer

  • Provides analysis related to the design, development, and integration of hardware, software, man-machine interfaces and all system level requirements to provide an integrated IT solution.

  • Develops integrated system test requirement, strategies, devices and systems.

  • Directs overall system level testing.


Video Teleconference Technician(VTC)

  • Qualifications: 5 years or more experience in VTC area and minimum of AS degree in Electronic Technologies; Provide customer support services to customers including installing, configuring, upgrading, implementing and troubleshooting any audio/video teleconference systems and software.

Voice/Data Communications Engineer

  • Provides technical direction and engineering knowledge for communications activities including planning, designing, developing, testing, installing and maintaining large communications networks.

  • Ensures that adequate and appropriate planning is provided to direct building architects and planners in building communications spaces and media pathways meet industry standards. 

  • Develops, operates, and maintains voice, wireless, video, and data communications systems.

  • Provides complex engineering or analytical tasks and activities associated with one or more technical areas within the communications function.



Web Designer

  • Designs and builds web pages using a variety of graphics software applications, techniques, and tools.

  • Designs and develops user interface features, site animation, and special-effects elements. Contributes to the design group's efforts to enhance the look and feel of the organization's online offerings.

  • Designs the website to support the organization's strategies and goals relative to external communications.

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