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Trimark supports the operational and business objectives of our clients by providing a trained and certified workforce tailored to meet the client organization's specific needs.  Whether technical or administrative, US or Korean, our international management staff provides our project managers and their clients with the professional staff they need at an affordable cost our clients appreciate.

C4I System Support


Trimark specializes in designing, sourcing, implementing and maintaining complex communication solutions. With vast experience and deep commitment to delivering the latest in communications technologies, we can design, install and maintain our client’s C4I solution to meet their mission objectives.

  • Trimark provides operation and maintenance expertise in US and ROK network systems. Many of our Trimark team members have decades of experience working in the high tempo government environments in both the US and ROK.

  • We can support flexible manpower requirements that let you surge your multinational workforce to meet temporary or emerging requirements.

Enterprise IT & Network Solutions

Enterprise information systems provide a technology that enables organizations to integrate and coordinate their business processes into a seamless flow.

  • Trimark provides trained technicians to design, operate, and maintain enterprise network solutions, or augment an established staff with certified technicians to insure security and availability for the enterprise are maintained to the highest standard.

  • We offer solutions that can be scaled to existing facilities and infrastructure, or for integration into new construction plans and projects.

  • We can design and implement enterprise systems that ensure information can be shared across all enterprise functional and management levels.

  • Working with industry partners such as CISCO, Korea Telecom, LG Communications and others, Trimark can provide integrated enterprise solutions that support your organization's mobile work force in Korea.

Integrated Security Systems (ISS) Support


Organizations of any size require sophisticated, networked systems to effectively manage physical security requirements.  Our scalable security solutions can be integrated into small organizations or scaled to enterprise level solutions.

  • Trimark offers a wide range of integrated security system support to meet any organization’s physical security and force protection requirements.  Our security solutions can be applied to existing buildings and infrastructure, or integrated into new construction projects and include access control, intrusion detection, fire alarm and mass notifications systems, closed circuit television, and system monitoring and response.

  • Trimark works closely with industry partners such as Honeywell to provide integrated Fire Alarm and Mass Notification systems that meet the force protection standards required by the US Government.

Administrative Support Services


Whether new to the Korean environment, or a long-time service provider, understanding and navigating the unique requirements for managing an international workforce can be a challenge.  Trimark can solve the challenges before they impact your operations.

  • Our experience supporting government and business in Korea for over a dozen years is a prime reason Trimark can provide the administrative support you need to succeed in Korea.  We understand the government and private sectors on both the US and Korean side, and can provide the bilingual support and knowledge of the culture and environment that can help you navigate the requirements of doing business in Korea.

  • Our staff has years of experience insuring compliance with US and Korean regulations pertaining to material entering Korea, and personnel entering and residing in Korea for business.  We can resolve challenges before they impact your employees or projects.

Construction Support Services

Trimark can help you support US Government construction projects with a wide range of services. 


  • We can provide administrative and logistic support for team mobilization and project execution in Korea.  We will help you insure your workforce is mobilized quickly and efficiently with little or no down time.


  •  We can assist with the locating and vetting of local workforce to support construction operations in compliance with US and Korean laws and regulations.


  •  We provide inside and outside plant passive system design and installation support.


  •  We provide certified technicians to design, install and test building fire alarm and other life safety and force protection systems.   We can support both new construction and refurbishment projects of any size.


  • Trimark will provide host nation project support for construction site maintenance such as trash and hazardous material removal, transportation, billeting and other services.

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